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Strategic Objective

The overall objective is to ensure that environment and natural resources are managed and utilized sustainably so as to contribute to attainment of National Development Plan and the SDGs and in fulfillment of commitment under international conventions to which the Gambia is a signatory. The specific objectives are as follows;

  1. To ensure institutional framework for environmental coordination and management at local and national levels are well structured in order to improve the livelihood of communities through best environmental practices and development approaches.
  2. To provide data on weather and climate information relevant to national development and sustainable management of natural resources.
  3. Promote sustainable management, conservation and protection of biodiversity and restore key ecosystems to ensure continued and their enhanced integrity and functioning.
  4. To develop and strengthen the human resource and infrastructural capacity of MECCNAR for effective planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of all related activities.
  5. To improve the effectiveness of the policy and legislative frameworks promoting the sustainable management of natural resources, by harmonizing policies, cross cutting and sector specific legal and regulatory instruments with regional and international framework.
  6. To promote sustainable development by awareness raising campaigns and integrating environmental and natural resource management principles and techniques across all key social and productive sectors.
  7. To promote sustainable exploitation of natural resources, by promoting efficient and value adding technologies.
  8. To encourage public-private sector partnership on natural resource management.
  9. To mainstreaming Water and environmental sustainability into National Development plans and programs
  10. Promote  environment and natural resource  management/governance for  public participation and involvement
  11.  Institutionalize monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  12.  Undertake capacity building and knowledge sharing

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