The Department of Labour is a specialized Department

functioning under the Ministry of Trade, Industry,

Regional Integration and Employment. It was created

in the 1940’s, to provide coordinating role for employers,

employees and their representatives in the labour and employment domains.



To enforce the Labour Legislations to ensure peaceful and harmonious

work places, safety and Health in the course of employment and to promote

decent work for all.



To achieve Social justice, Industrial Peace and Harmony at work places.


Main Activities

1. Handling of job complaints/Industrial disputes

2. Inspection of work places

3. Monitoring of Occupational Safety and Health Standards at work places

4. Processing of injuries compensation claims in respect of industrial injuries and diseases in the course of employment

5. Provision of employment Services (Registration, Placement and Counselling of job seekers and Employers


Labour department administered three Act namely;

Labour Act 2007, Factories Act 1948 and Injuries Compensation Act 1990.